Shaun Ross & Alison Nix will grace the covers of our spring print edition.

On March 20th we will be putting on an event like no other.

Piece by piece we will raise enough funds to print our almost ready and eagerly anticipated 5th Issue.

We went with the theme Psychedelia, the brainchild of our American Regular Guest Editor Alison Nix. When you see her on a billboard in Paris you'll understand why we follow Alison. She is one of the most stunning models and has the mind to help us keep Love is the Law Magazine on our toes.

So, by way of preparation we will begin to celebrate the coterie of brilliant artists who have offered to donate pieces for our print fund auction at the glorious Cob Gallery

He encouraged us from day 1. Has curated 2 of our events with his signature Moroccan salons. His work appears in no small portion in 3 of our print editions and he Inspires many people on at least 4 continents. That pretty much makes him our best friend but Hassan Hajjaj is more than that. He is one of the artists that defines what this LITL magazine is about.

Breaking boundaries.

Redefining futures.

Fusing aesthetic influences to magnificent effect.

We are honoured to inform our readers that a piece from Hassan Hajjaj will be available to the highest bidder at our auction in the Spring.

You know what to do.....

Watch this space as we reveal which other international exhibiting, selling and publishing artists have blessed us with their favour.

And please do what you can to help us fill the beautiful Cob Gallery with wonderful art loving supporters of out humble, LITL art rag!

May God bless this endeavour for us all, for we all need beauty like we need fresh air, and roaming hillsides, cows and calves, totems, magic, creativity, bold vision and most of all